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Favorite people, favorite place, favorite things, favorite sayings.
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Celebrating your anniversary in the Bahamas, sitting together on the beach, Jimmy Buffet singing for you, dolphins jumping in the waves. Your names and "7 years" as well as your 2 kids names are sketched in the sand, your drinking margaritas.
Boss at his desk, feet up, degree frames on the wall, favorite team memorabilia , wife and kids pics on the side, marines insignia on the rug. A typical voice mail is playing, maybe something from his wife. He's quoting his typical catch phrases he doesn't realize he says repeatedly.

Funniest thing that ever happened.
Your police officer boyfriend was helping at an accident and got his pants lit on fire with the flare, and he had get helped by medics himself.

The Big "What if"...It's a cartoon, so let you imagination fly.
• What If you could live on a desert island, no cell phone away from the stress.
• What if you were a bodybuilder, a super hero, a super model, a Nascar driver, a rock star. Instead of Hanna Montana, you're Anna Pennsylvania.

•You're on a romantic date, the sun is coming up over the hill representing happiness with your spouse or hope for a bright future with your significant other.
•A friend is retiring from the extermination business, he's shaking hands with a giant roach, who's saying, "Thanks for nothing"

A retiring truant officer is at a fishing hole, the school is in the background with a word bubble saying "Has anyone seen Jack?

Poetic Justice
Congratulating the underdog for exceptional achievement.

•The team member that made the most progress with a medal, a quote saying "With that kind of effort, anything is possible!"
•The determined Mary Kay saleswoman receiving a picture of herself in the prized Pink Cadillac, with the quote, "Success is right around the bend, ladies without makeup are hitchhiking for a ride."